June 2022
How to Properly Store and Handle CDs?
By Kent Booker | |
A CD can last a couple of decades but if you don’t handle it properly, you will find that it will not last more than a couple of years. There are certain things you need to know when it comes to protecting your CDs. An easy way of extending the life of a CD is making sure that it is stored in a case so that it doesn’t get scratched.
Tips for Choosing a Necklace
By Kent Booker | |
There are so many types of necklaces that you can find but having so many options can be confusing when you are looking for one that will go with your outfits. There are several parts of the necklace such as the pendant, chain; clasp etc. and you have to think about how each of these parts affects the final look.
Myths about Coffee that You Didn’t Know About
By Kent Booker | |
On the face of the earth, one of the most popular and commonly consumed psychoactive drinks is coffee.