September 2022
Basic Guide to Different Types of Baby Shoes
By Kent Booker | |
Generally, you will only have to start buying baby shoes once the baby starts walking. Also, going barefoot some of the time is proven to be beneficial for babies. But when they are walking outdoors, you will need to select a shoe that protects their delicate feet. You can start with booties and socks when they’re just starting to learn and progress to shoes afterwards.
What to Know About I-Tip Hair?
By Kent Booker | |
I-Tip hair refers to a hairstyle that takes in small bundles of hair extensions called strands and having them applied to natural hair. The way this differs from normal extensions is that it is applied using beads that are small and flexible. This makes it very easy to secure the extension or I-Tip to the hair.
Tips for Covering up Thinning Hair
By Kent Booker | |
It can be a frustrating experience thinning hair and one of the first things people think about after noticing it is how they will deal with it.