5 Hacks to Organize Your Cluttered Jewellery

Ever had that moment of pure frustration when you cannot find the matching earring or a chain that you planned to pair with your outfit is tangled up in something else. Or better yet when you accidentally drop the container holding all your earrings and they’re scattered on the floor.

This is when you wish your jewellery was a little organized so every morning wouldn’t be a stressful 10 minutes trying to locate a ring that matches the watch you are wearing. Below are 5 jewellery hacks you should consider adopting to not only organize but make your jewellery collection last longer.

Clear some space

Jewellery is usually stored in the nooks and crannies of available space on our dressers. Either they are overflowing from its container or scattered in one corner while you hope it doesn’t get lost. You can consider investing in cheap plastic table size drawers, stuffing it with foam to store all your earrings and studs.  Allocating a drawer for chains, rings and other accessories ensures they are safe and not in a tangled mess.

Get creative

There are tons of creative and easy to make jewellery holders that require very little effort to make. Attaching hooks to clothes hangers’ act as a great way to store necklaces and chains. Convert an old picture frame to an earring holder. Spray paint a dried branch in your favouritecolour and hang your jewellery on the branches.

Do some shopping

If you don’t have the patience to make jewellery holders then you can resort to buying something to fix the problem. You can purchase hanging earring holders to store jewellery that is attractive and come in portable sizes. jewellery boxes made in various sizes and colours make your collection look chick and organized.

Up cycle products

Our homes are filled with items we no longer use or need. Instead of throwing them away convert them and change their purpose. An un-used ice tray can be used to sort out different earrings into the different slots. Metallic muffin holders that are too old to use can be scraped, painted and used to store bracelets, rings and any sort of jewellery that gets easily mixed up. The advantage is that all these items fit into drawers and are not only reusable but also space economic.

Thrift store buys

Thrift stores are filled with ornaments that can be re-purposed. Buying from a thrift store ensures that what you buy is usually cheap but you also don’t have to go through the hassle of making it from scratch. Old candle stands, vintage bowls add elegance, style and easy access to your jewellery. You can always add some our own flair to personalize its look with some painting or additional hooks to hold the jewellery.

Organizing jewellery is not only important for your peace of mind but also helps them last longer. Chains easily break when tangled up and earring hooks can get bent. Certain surfaces may get scratched from the jewellery too. Therefore, use the above hacks to eliminate all the unnecessary jewellery issues you face.

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