5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Suit

man in blue dress shirt and blue denim jeans standing near glass windowWho doesn’t love a good suit? It’ll make you look and feel powerful. However, buying one can be tricky if you don’t keep some things in mind. We talked all about them below, read ahead.


Suits come in all shapes and sizes. Their material and style greatly affect how much you’ll pay. The store you’re buying from influences price too. High-end brand names costa pretty penny.

You could save money and buy a suit second-hand. You could be lucky and find a good quality one that fits nicely.

Make sure that you don’t purchase it online, though. Suits on the internet tend to be cheaper as retailers have less over-head costs. But how would you know how they fit?

Custom or Not

You need to decide if you’re going to pick up a custom or already-made unit. Hopefully, there are ones in your size. Even if there are, they may be too small or big in certain places, though.

That’s why the custom option is superior. Bespoke suits are made to fit every inch of your body - your features are amplified. That being said, if you don’t look around, they can be expensive. Thankfully, if you’re looking for tailor made suits Sydney has many – you won’t have to look far to find someone that offers quality at a good price.

But be sure that who you’re working with is good. There’s no point spending a lot if you’re getting a less than great product.


You can purchase an already made one and contact a tailor. Although he’ll get it to fit your body well, it won’t be as snug as a custom one. Of course, be careful of the tailor you work with. You need to make sure that they’re qualified.


The expertise of your tailor affects the quality of your suit. However, the fabric it’s made from plays a major role too. You want one that is made from 100%, or as close to 100% wool. It’s alright if it’s been blended with other natural fibres. But if there’s a good percentage of anything synthetic thrown in there, stay away.


You won’t be whipping your suit out all the time. You’d be limiting the number of times you’ll be able to if it’s bright. Something chic like a dark blue or black is what you want.

You could get it with texturing. This isn’t the best for formal wear, especially if you’re going to wear it to job interviews. Lighter colours are not a bad choice, they’re just more seasonal.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything we talked about, what do you think? Be mindful of our points as they’ll make or break how good your suit is. They are especially important if you’re planning on splurging a lot on it. Probably the most important thing to consider is price – if you don’t look around, you can end up spending a lot. You could save a pretty penny by buying one online or used, but it wouldn’t make you look your best.

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