Basic Guide to Different Types of Baby Shoes
Generally, you will only have to start buying baby shoes once the baby starts walking. Also, going barefoot some of the time is proven to be beneficial for babies. But when they are walking outdoors, you will need to select a shoe that protects their delicate feet. You can start with booties and socks when they’re just starting to learn and progress to shoes afterwards.

One pair of baby shoes Australia will be sufficient in the younger years when they just start exploring their world. If your toddler is very active and they love to go outside and play, you will definitely need to have a pair of shoes handy. Also, toddlers tend to grow out of their shoes quite quickly so you will find that frequent replacements are needed even without much wear. When selecting booties for your baby who is just learning to toddle on their feet, look for machine washable booties with a grip on their base.

Being waterproof will also be good. Booties will snap on easily making it easy to put on and remove. There are also moccasins for babies that come with traction but they can be quite expensive. There are sneakers that come in a range of sizes to suit any toddler. You can look for shoes that come with memory foam soles so the baby’s skin doesn’t rub together. Look for non-slip shoes for safety.

There are booties made for winter if you live in a country with seasons. These will have machine washable fabric. Indoor booties will generally have fabric soles and they may not be waterproof. There are low top shoes that look a bit like adult Converse. This will be great when you and your baby are wearing matching low tops. But make sure that the bottom of the shoe is flexible enough for frequent wear. You will also find it easier to deal with Velcro straps than laces. If the sole is rigid, it is best not to wear this for a long period of time. There are slip-on infant shoes that will be easy to put on and they come in different colours, styles and patterns to match any outfit. Look for a durable pair that will last some time.

For first time walking, you can look for padded sneakers that come with a spacious toe box. Look for models that allow you to add or remove inserts to ensure your infant fits their shoes well. When your baby is not walking yet, you will need to have shoes with soft soles so it still feels a bit like they are barefoot. Even some grippy socks will be great when your baby has started to crawl. Shoes will only be for special occasions at this stage. Soft soled shoes with good traction are needed when they start to walk.

An affordable pair of shoes will be a good solution as babies will outgrow their shoes very quickly. Baby shoe sizes are not separated by gender. So you will be shopping with foot length. If the online site you are shopping on doesn’t mention this, you can look at their size chart for a better understanding.