Basic Guide to Kitchen Knives
A good knife collection is essential for a kitchen. You will have an easier time preparing food when you choose the right knife for the job.

Different knives have their own specialty and they can be used to prepare different food. You have to search for information about basic kitchen knives that you need and how to use them for the right food type.

You have to know the different parts of a knife. The basics are the blade, point, edge, tip, spine, handle, heel, and tang. The point of the blade is what you score food with and it is the very end of the blade. The edge is the sharpened surface that you use for a good portion of the cutting work. The tip of the blade is the front portion of the edge which you can use for precision work. The dull upper part of the blade is called the spine. A stringer blade will have a thicker spine and this will help you balance the knife on the board. The widest part of the blade that is at the lowest point is the heel. The blade edge connects to the handle through the tang and the handle is what you grasp when you’re using the knife.

You have to know the difference between forged and stamped knives before you select a knife set for kitchen. Forged knives are made from a single metal piece. This is made from a steel block that is hammered into the shape of a knife by the use of a strong pressing machine. These knives are very strong and durable. These can be more expensive than stamped knives. You can easily use these blades because of their exceptional balance.

And even though you have a high initial investment, these knives will last you a very long time. Stamped knives are made from one sheet of steel. A stamping machine will cut the sheet into the shape of the blade and then the handle is added in the end. Stamped knives are more lightweight as they are made from a thinner piece of steel and because the manufacturing process is quite fast, you can find these blades for an affordable price.

When it comes to types of knives, one of the most essential knives you should have in the kitchen is a chef’s knife. This is used to chop and dice a lot of vegetables at the same time. It has a curved edge which helps the chopping motion. The wider heel of the knife allows you to do heavy-duty chopping when it comes to cutting hard food. It is one of the most versatile knives that you can own.

A knife that you can find similar to a chef’s knife is the utility knife. It is smaller than the chef’s knife and is best for doing intricate work such as chopping smaller food items. Paring knives specialize in delicate tasks like trimming, peeling, and removing seeds from a fruit or vegetable. However, they can also be used for chopping hard food like potatoes. Other knives include bread knives, cleavers, carving knives, and specialty knives.

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