Casual Wear Trends for a Fashionable Day-Out

Is it possible to be trendy and stylish with everyday clothes? Of course, it is. But since fashion is something that keeps changing, even your casual style needs to get in with latest wear of the times. Therefore, to be trendy with your clothes means trying out new styles; even those that might look a little avantgarde. Keep reading to find out some of the best trends of the year that you can try.


Athleisure are clothes that resembles athletic or sportswear but are worn outside playing fields. In other words, these are sportswear that you can put on for a casual hangout with your friends or running errands. While this has been popular for a while, it became even more popular last year during the lockdown, when most of us had to let go of our fancy outfits for comfortable clothes. The clothes that fall in this category are leggings, tights, sweatpants, sneakers, sports bras, hoodies and jackets. You can even find some athleisure inspired by famous sports teams as well.


Baggy clothes are making a comeback. Gone are the days where the skinny jeans rule your closets. Loose fitting loungewear is becoming one of the most loved casual wear trends. Oversized t-shirts tucked into Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, matched with a pair of sneakers, is a common outfit we see on street. This style is also joined with a cap or a beanie to give a certain funky look. So, if you are looking for something comfortable to wear for a long day outside, here is your perfect outfit.

Graphic T-Shirts and Sweaters

These are famous because these items bring something a little more than comfort. On one hand, this is the perfect way to make a statement with what you wear; whether it is to show your love to your favourite band or to say something more political than that. Since you can also get them custom designed and printed, you also have the freedom to make more personalised t-shirts. In fact, graphic wear is becoming a favourite way for fashionistas to express themselves through their fashion.

Metallic Shoes

This is a trend that is scene more in footwear than in main outfits. While sneakers have always been a classic and all-time streetwear style, one of the common features of the trends is wearing metallic. Specially basketball sneakers or dress sneakers come in metallic colours and allow their wearers to capture the attention the moment they step out. Whether it is American high fashion or Japanese streetwear, you will see shiny pairs of statement sneakers pretty often in near future.

Crossbody Bags

Handbags are being replaced by crossbody bags when it comes to streetwear. More and more the handbag is becoming a little more formal while crossbody bags are becoming the perfect accessory to wear while keeping your hands free.

It is convenient since it allows you to carry your most essentials. But at the same time, you can have fun without having to hold a bag with you for the rest of your day. This also reduces the risk of you losing your belongings so it is the ideal for a day-out with more fun and less responsibilities.

You might not like some of these trends at first glance. But remember, you will never know how they would feel on you if you never try. So, give one or two of these items a chance and see how trendy you can be!

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