Choosing the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Men
With so much choice, a man’s accessories collection can be as vast as a woman’s. But, let’s not generalise here, maybe you are the type that focuses on one or two items of the essentials and like keeping your collection to a minimum.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses can be difficult, not because you are indecisive or don’t know what you want but because there are so many colours, styles, shapes and materials that make a quick decision difficult.

Sunglasses are a man’s wardrobe staple and having the right pair can, not just protect your eyes from damaging UV light but also tell the world something about your style. For this reason, choosing sunglasses for men comes with a bit of trial and error, but will eventually lead you to a style of sunglasses that suits you best. The guidelines below can help you narrow your choice before you even start shopping to save time and those errors. 

Do the below 4 steps to determine your face shape.

  1. Pull your hair away from your face to reveal the full extent of your face and take a picture.
  2. Print picture.
  3. Take a pen and place dots at the top of your forehead, the bottom of your chin and on either side of your face at the widest point.
  4. Draw a line to connect all the dots to understand your face shape.

The second step is to combine your understanding of your face shape with the recommendations we have for you on the most suitable style of sunglasses to complement your face shape.

Oval Face Shape

Your face is longer than wide. The jawline is curved and is narrower than your forehead.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wayfarers, Wrap, Rectangle, and Clubmaster

Round Face Shape

Your face is similar to a square shape but with a narrow forehead and rounded jawline.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wrap, Rectangle

Heart Face Shape

Sometimes called triangle, your face is widest at the temples and will narrow down to a pointed chin.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wrap, Round, Rectangle

Diamond Face Shape

Your face will feature dominant cheekbones which are the widest part of the face and will have a narrow jawline and a defined chin. It is similar to a heart shape but will have a tapered hairline.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wrap, Round

Square Face Shape

Your face will be roughly similar in length and width and your jawline will be similar in width to your forehead. Your face will feature a strong jawline.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wrap, Round, Wayfarers

Triangle Face Shape

Your face is longer than wide and your jawline and chin are squared. The jaw is wide, strong and angular, similar to a square face.

Recommended styles: Aviators, Wrap Oval, Clubmaster, and Rectangle

Next, consider the material and the colour. Just like clothing, some colours will work better against your complexion than others. Match it to your skin tone and hair colour for individuality.