Finding The Right Balance Between Chic and Comfy

Women’s clothing trends are forever changing, what we considered in style a few months ago would have evolved into something completely different. It might even be too hard to keep up with the trends. This is where aiming for chic and comfy is your best option.

Elegance never goes out of style and if you think about a trend is only as good as the people who make it work. The pandemic made us all a little lazy with lounge wear becoming our favorited go to. So now that everyone is out and about how do you create the perfect balance between chic but also super comfy and confident. Here are some ways you can do that.

Focus on the patterns

Chic is not only the pin stripe suit you are wearing. It could be the colours, patterns and shape of your outfits. So, in terms of patterns what really nails chic? A floral motif, shapes and even our go to stipes are classy patterns to make you stand out. You could combine darker colours together for a sleek look while also feeling comfortable.

A jumpsuit, bodycon dress or even jeans and a top are great combinations. There are plenty of patterns and materials to choose at see if any catch your eye. The secret to achieving the chic vibe is to wear one statement piece of clothing so you do not clutter or over do your outfit.

Wear shoes that work for you

While some ladies rock a pair of heels there are the others who love the feeling of flats and feet that are not aching. But how does this help with being chic yet comfy? If you are someone who does not like heels or the feeling of a narrow show, wedges might be your friend. Pair a neat pair of wedges with something short or even pants to tie up your outfit. It is best to focus on your best feature and let that speak more than your footwear.

Use the necessary accessories

Shads, hats and scarves might be to block the sun for your eyes but they are also fashion accessories to enhance an outfit. Pair your fitted dress with a pair of classy shades or use a sun hat with your floral swimsuit. Let these accessories play to your strengths by allowing them to carry out two tasks.

How you feel about yourself

An outfit while it is important is not the main source of confidence. One of the best ways to feel great is by being comfortable with yourself. Confidence on how you look is a great accessory to achieving the chic vibe. Some of the ways to look chic can be your style of makeup.

Natural makeup is a basic hack that all women should know and why not a full face if you feel like kicking things up a notch. Dress in a way that suits your style as that is the base of looking and feeling chic.