Gifts to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's is an important occasion to many couples. It’s the day of love and romance and hence getting the perfect gift for her is vital. But what is the perfect gift? Gifts bought in a hurry without any thought can ruin her mood and kill the romance of the special day. So here are some gifts to avoid on Valentine's.

A gym membership

You sure don’t want to be calling her fat on Valentine's Day! Unless she asked for it or has been talking about it or you both decided to hit the gym, avoid getting one for her. Any other weight loss equipment such as dumbbells or exercise machines or even books with recipes for weight loss can enhance her insecurities about her weight. If you are actually concerned about her health, speak to her later on and join the gym with her. Or come up with a morning jogging routine.

Kitchen appliances

Imagine turning up at your date with a vacuum cleaner in hand. Sounds awful right? That’s because it is awful. Gifting home appliances is not romantic at all. It does not showcase affection or love but simply a way of doing household chores. Make this a point to buy her something special such as Texas gold jewelry or something cool like airpods if you really want to buy her tech items.

A meal with the in-laws

You cannot possibly turn up at your parents’ house with her. Even if they know her or not, a date shouldn’t be a dinner with your parents’. It should be about spending quality time with each other. If you two have kids, leave the kids at your parents’ house and do a really romantic dinner. You can even stay in at home now that the kids are away and have so much fun. Watch a movie, have dinner, slow dance and just enjoy the day.

The same gift as last year

“Another scarf?” is what she will tell you if you gift her a scarf as you did last Christmas. This shows that you haven’t put any effort into the gift at all. Laziness is repulsive and it’s worse than getting a bad gift. At least you bought something new although it may be bad but she will admire your thoughtfulness if at all. Being lazy means, you haven’t cared much to even think of getting her something for Valentine's.


You need to understand that she has different tastes and a sense of style. Be careful as she might think you don’t like her dressing sense. However, if it is something really good looking such as an elegant cocktail dress that you’d like to see her in, she might take it well. You can tell her that the dress reminder you of her and so you bought it for her. Don’t forget a few accessories alongside too. Avoid buying very ordinary clothes such as t-shirts or blouses. It has to be something valuable and worthwhile gifting.

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