Guide to Different Types of Pillows
You have to choose the right pillow and the right mattress to get all the ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

There are so many different types of pillows that you will come across and this variety can be a little confusing if all you want is something to support your sleep. But there is something more to be considered when searching for a pillow and it is best to research a little bit so that your sleep doesn’t suffer from a flash purchase.

Pillows can differ according to the type of fill they have. Down pillows are very comfortable and it is akin to sleeping on a marshmallow. You may need to look for hypoallergenic versions if you find yourself reacting poorly to it. Feather pillows are cheaper than down. You can also find pillows that have a combination of them both. There are also pillows that come with synthetic fibres that mimic the feeling of a down pillow. These will also be less expensive options that you can consider.

They may not have the exact comfort as a down pillow but there are some options that can give down pillows a run for their money. Memory foam pillows have become popular over the years as it can provide a variety of firmness levels and give sufficient support to the individual. You can adjust the height as you like and there are pillows that come in ergonomic shapes as well. You can find posture pillows that are great for aligning your head, neck and shoulders properly. The height of the pillow will not change throughout the night and you will have sufficient comfort continuously. These are also very comfortable.    


Gel infused pillows can be seen as a gel layer on the outside of a foam pillow or used throughout the foam pillow. This gel is there to provide a cooling effect when you sleep. Latex pillows are solid pillows. Sometimes the fill is in clusters. This is more of a heavy pillow. However, it is a natural material as it is sourced from the rubber tree and therefore can be a more sustainable option that you can consider.

The latex pillow will not conform completely to the shape of your head but they are soft to lay your head on. They are also quite durable and can be used for a long time. There are hybrid pillows that are made up of different materials that allow you to experiment with your required level of comfort and support.

Wool pillows offer breathability and they are great for temperature regulation. You will not find much support with these pillows and they tend to flatten out over time. You may have seen travel pillows that come with microbeads that are similar to Styrofoam beads. These can contour to your head shape and give you plenty of support. There are even pillows that are filled with water. They can hold their shape perfectly but they can be quite high maintenance as you need to make sure there is nothing that can cause it to leak.