How to Be Casually Fashionable

Casual wear is the opposite of formal wear. However, even in casual, there are different types or levels of casual. These differ based on the occasion. For instance, casual office wear will be different from the casual outfit your wear at a party.

What is casual attire?

Casual dressing gives one the ultimate sense of relaxation and freedom. Hence, there is no fixed form of wearing the attire. For instance, formal wear includes everything from a tie, trousers shirt to a tuxedo.

Without any of these elements, formal wear would be incomplete for men. However, casual wear has no restraints. You could choose a random t-shirt that goes well with pants and, boom, you are ready! Below mentioned are a few occasions where casual attire saves your day.


The implementation of a casual day at work zone would not reduce the performance or disrupt the company’s success. Perhaps, it will signify how there is flexible and easy-going management in the company. As the company CEO, you can have a casual day where workers do not have to interact with their clients.

Undoubtedly, it will keep all the workers looking forward to this day as it sets them free from their uniform attire. A top and  casual pants for women are a great alternative. Likewise, a T-shirt and knee-length shorts would do just fine for men. This flexibility gives the employees a sense of relief and acknowledges modernity.

The attire of the staff does not affect the success of the business. A perfect example of this is; Google. Even Microsoft, both these leading companies are not strict about a professional dress code. The employees are allowed to wear casual outfits every working day.


Most of us tend to get a little conscious when it comes to choosing an outfit for outdoor activity. For example, going for a stroll in the park or shopping in the mall. Perhaps, this is an ideal situation to try out the random match of your clothes, in other words, the casual attire. Jeans being an all-timer for women, they can match it with tank tops, plain or printed t-shirts, and long-sleeved tops. Moreover, ideal footwear would be either crocks or flat slippers.


An occasion like this is never missed to flaunt all the fancy dresses. Hence, wearing casual at a party can be a challenging task. Yet, if worn with the right attitude and confidence, this casual attire can be the talk of the party. The drill here is to create a perfect look, using simplicity to make an elegant difference. What I mean is, a pair of skinny jeans with a half-sleeved top can be equally impressive, and perhaps more comfortable than a glamorous dress.

Indeed, back in the day, it was easier to pick a style, with limited clothing options. Nowadays, with unlimited fabric options and outfit styles, it gets tougher to make a choice. Though, the casual aspect allows all to feel comfortable, as well as fashionable.

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