How to Host a Fun and Memorable Pyjama Party

Parties are one of the great ways people could gather and spend time with their family and friends. There are endless choices if you’re looking for a good party to host - from simple dinner parties, afternoon backyard barbecues, beach outings and many more.

If you’re friends want to gather for a sleepover, why not turn it into something more exciting and have a pyjama party instead? It is one of the best parties that won’t break the bank yet is fun for everyone. Here’s how to plan and host a perfect pyjama party.

Create a Guest List

When planning a party, first you need to make a list of people whom you want to be on that event. It could be your relatives, friends, their kids, spouses, and anyone that needs to be there. The number of people attending your party will be your basis on the other factors such as budget, food, and entertainment.

Set the Date and Give out Invitations

Once you already know who are invited, it is time to set the date of your party. Choose a date that is okay for everyone. Pyjama parties don’t really need to be a sleepover – you can do this anytime of the day but if you’re guests prefer an overnight one, be sure to prepare much activities to keep it fun.

Make the invitations and send them out to your guests. Write down all the important details on the invite such as the date, time, theme, things to bring, attire, and more. If you’re looking for stylish and comfy pyjamas for your party, check out Josh&Thom.

Plan the Activities

Activities and games are the things that will keep your pyjama party fun and alive. Choose activities depending on your invited guests. Plan some competitive games, board games, drinking games, puppet show or story time if there are kids coming, and many more. Don’t forget to setup activities that everyone could enjoy such as a photo booth, dance party, movie screening, and other activities.

Decorate the Venue

Pyjama party decoration doesn’t need to be overly done. Set a cosy mood by adding large comfy pillows and blankets for your guests. You may add some balloons or other simple decorations to add a touch of festivity to the ambience.

Food and Drinks

A party is never complete without good food and beverages. For a pyjama party, it is more on relaxing and having fun so there’s no need to worry about hiring a catering service for your event. All you need is a variety of snack options to choose from and refreshing drinks everyone could enjoy.

The most popular picks are pizza, chips and dip, popcorn, pastries, cookies, soda, beer and juice. You could add other snack options depending on what your guests like too. Set the table up an hour before your guests will arrive to keep the food fresh.

Pyjama parties are not that hard to plan and host. Plus, it is also budget friendly yet fun for everyone.

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