Ideas to Surprise Your Wife This Anniversary

Anniversaries are so special this day celebrates the time two loved ones have spent together, maybe there would have been small arguments but the bond has been so strong and the love for each other so unconditional to stay together. Anniversary Is a day to celebrate that. You would want to do your best to surprise your wife make her feel extra special, the ideas that you can Implement are many.


Initially come up with a plan. What are you planning to do? There are many ideas that are available which you can put together or act on individually to give the best surprise.

Make her breakfast

Start the event early, you can start the day by making breakfast. Prepare your wife’s favourite breakfast or you can browse online for a special breakfast menu and make that with her favourite beverage. You can place the dish in a pretty way and place a note on the side and enjoy breakfast in bed with her. Or you can wake up very early and make breakfast. If you can’t find the right size of clothing for her, look for womens plus size clothing online. Then take her out somewhere in the morning to enjoy breakfast while watching the sunrise.

Order flowers

Flowers always have a way of making people smile. You can place an order at the florist to deliver a bouquet of her favourite flowers or you can get a bouquet of hundred roses. You can deliver it to her or have someone from the florist bring it to her as a surprise.

Go on a picnic

Make picnic snacks, you can do this together with your wife, pack your favourite snacks that you both enjoy and get some beverages and go away to a beautiful place which may be a place overlooking a river and enjoy your time with each other and bring a camera with you so you can capture these beautiful moments together or you can go to a spot where you can enjoy the sunset together. you can make a mixtape with all the songs that mean so much to both of you, carry a player with you so you can play this dance or just sit together and enjoy the moment with each other.

Relive your first date

To a couple the place where they had their first date is very meaningful. You can take her there and organize an anniversary dinner at a restaurant or at the place where you proposed to her and re-enact the scene. You can organize a candle light dinner and present your gift here.

Plan a trip

Going on a getaway is also another great gift. You can plan a road trip, just pack a few stuffs and set off. You can even plan a camp so pack up a tent or you can plan a trip abroad you would know the place she wants to travel. Book a ticket beforehand and prepare everything for the trip and while you are enjoying the dinner together present her this and she would be so happy.

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