Latest Jewellery Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

2020 is gradually winding down and we are anticipating the New Year with an energy that has never been experienced before. Considering all that’s happened in 2020, we are sure that majority of people can’t wait for the year to be finally over and they embrace the New Year and hope for a better year. Similarly in the Jewellery industry, 2020 has proven to be a major burst, however, the Q4 of 2020 suggests a paradigm shift in how business used to be conducted and from all indication, these shift in trends will set the tone and dominate most, if not all of 2021.

A look at the current trend in the jewellery industry, one can easily predict three of the current trends carrying on into 2021. These three trends are explained below;

History provides hope to the jewellery industry

 History suggests a surge in demand for jewellery because of the need to keep them for the future or as an investment because currency might fail as it has in the past. Nevertheless, while history suggests hope, the industry's digitization has shown a lot of potentials and prospects for the future.

Small scale weddings may imply a bigger investment in jewellery

There has been a shift in the grandeur of weddings as people have small scale weddings nowadays. This shift means that people are investing in jewellery more than the actual wedding itself. We noted that most brides are joining the trend of investing heavily in jewellery because it represents a haven.

With the pandemic came new trends and a new way of doing things; however, many of these trends will remain and become the new normal after the pandemic.

The same way we have three character and predictable trends taking over the jewellery industry in India, there are also three jewellery styles and kinds that foremost jeweller, we suggest that every woman get on ASAP if they ever want to make a fashion statement.

Browse through Alirah’s picks below and make your choice according to what suits or enhance your style 

Rings with Attitude –

 Ring sizes matter, but sometimes it’s all about the attitude and energy of the person wearing them. Sometimes, it’s not enough to wear rings that are grand in dimension, on certain occasions, wearing the mall and perfect ring size is all you need to make a fashion statement.

Irregular Necklaces -

Do you also think that necklaces are just meant to top off your outfit? Are you also aware that the right necklace spices up the neckline? This year, the idea behind irregular necklaces is to balance extravagance with minimalism.

Ultra-glam Hoops & Meenakari-

Ultra-glam hoops and meenakari pieces work are a timeless trend and this year, Jewellery by Alirah makes it even better by holding back with studded, gem-encrusted and gleaming accents that light up your face regardless if your look is sparkling-feminine or rebel-inspired.

Worry no more, Jewellery by Alirah has got you covered for the rest of the year and the next.

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