Leather Strap Maintenance 101: A Quick Guide

Leather is considered a premium material for almost all types of apparel and accessories and it has been so for quite some time now. It is admired for its classic style that suits almost all kinds of style from casual to formal. Most of the premium watches nowadays with either have a leather or metal strap. Leather straps come in a range of colours, from the traditional leather brown to modern colours that are bound to turn some heads.

However, leather is a material that requires proper maintenance to prolong the lifetime. The main concern with cleaning leather is that you can’t clean leather just like that. There is a right and wrong way to clean leather straps and if you pick the latter you are bound to ruin the strap.

Why is Leather So Special and Why Does It Require ASpecific Cleaning Routine?

Mainly because it is a unique material. Unlike metal and other watch bands, leather has the ability to absorb liquids. And when you sweat, this sweat, and dirt is absorbed by the strap. Leather is quite a sensitive material to other things like heat and sunlight. This can cause cracking.

The Cleaning Routine

 Step 1: Remove the Strap

First step is to obviously remove the watch from your hand and then remove the strap from the watch. This step ensures the safety of the dial and watch case

Step 2: Wipe Using a Dry Cloth

Before starting with any type of liquid, use a dry cloth to wipe the strap. The purpose of this step is to remove debris or tiny grains that could cause scratches on the surface once the liquid is applied. Ideally use a soft cloth like a microfiber or a cloth that used to polish jewellery.

Step 3: Use Soap to Wash the Strap

After using a dry cloth it’s time to move onto the next step. Ideally use a mild soap for this step because harsh soap solutions have stripping agents. These stripping agents can dry out the leather strap.

Using a damp soft cloth wipe down the strap but make sure that the piece of cloth isn’t too wet because if not the leather strap will retain some water and get damaged.

Using circular motions gently clean the insides and outsides of the band with the cloth.

Step 4: Clear Soap Resides

After cleaning with soap, properly rinse the cloth with cold water and ensure that all the soap is gone. Then squeeze the cloth to remove the excess water. Using this clean cloth remove the soap residue from the band.

Step 5: Dry the Band

Ideally air dry the strap and do not use a hair dryer or sunlight because heat can dry out the strap.

Step 6: Use a leather conditioner

After the strap is dried use the specific number of drops mentioned on the bottle to a dry cloth and gently rub.

This is the simple yet careful process that needs to be followed when it comes to leather strap maintenance. Performing this on a routine will definitely prolong the lifetime of your strap.

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