What Accessories Should You Pack for A Trip?

Most often than not ladies love to over pack for holidays with the mind set of “just in case we need it”. It is a habit that tends to leave our suitcases or carry bags filled with clothing items we probably will not even considering wearing but feels like a safety net to have.

Just like the mountain of clothes there are certain accessories that we cannot leave without either. Essential items that are known to come in handy while on vacation wherever you are going to. So, what exactly are these must have accessories that you just need to pack with you at all times?

The stepping out essentials

Have you ever made a walk to the airplane washroom or pulled down the mirror of your car just to see how you look before leaving? This is something we all do before exiting, to make sure we look presentable, smell good and overall have an acceptable preference. Many women carry a few essential items with them just for this quick test.

They are a comb or hair brush, basic makeup or touch up items and a perfume bottle. It is vital to have these 3 items in your handbag for easy access whenever, wherever. They help make you look fresh before stepping out after a flight or simply before entering a new place or country.

Ready for any occasion

There are two ways in which to handle jewellery packing on a trip. One being wear basics that fit with any of your outfits packed. This could be a simple necklace and studs or a few rings. The next and sometimes more fun option is to pack your accessories for each outfit so you know exactly what you need. Either way you really should get these earrings by Bauhaus as they are really unique. They are available in app patterns and sizes sure to match your vacation outfits.

Shade your eyes

Shades and hats are next on your list. Whether you are heading to the beach or up to the hills carrying a pair of shades is suggested. Not only does it look good for your Instagram pictures but it protects your eyes too. Both these items can be worn with any outfit during the day and are ideal if you will be doing lots of walking in the sun.

Keep your feet happy

How many shoes are acceptable to pack? Ladies always have the question of which shoes will I need depending on the occasion, vibe and level of comfort. Once again packing a pair of shoes that can be mixed and matched is the best way to save space.

Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes to avoid your feet having blisters and cuts. Ideally one to two pairs of shoes are recommended for packing as they can take space in a suitcase. Although it really just depends on how well you are able to pack your suitcase with all your essentials.