What to Know About I-Tip Hair?
I-Tip hair refers to a hairstyle that takes in small bundles of hair extensions called strands and having them applied to natural hair. The way this differs from normal extensions is that it is applied using beads that are small and flexible. This makes it very easy to secure the extension or I-Tip to the hair.

You can buy these microbeads at a hair extensions supplies store online. There is a tool used to thread this bead into a small part of your natural hair and the bead will then be resting at the base of the hair. Once this is done, the hair extension tip will be placed in the bead and the technician will clamp the bead to keep it in place. There are about 20 strands of hair in one I-Tip extension so you will need about 150 -160 strands of hair minimum to add appropriate volume to the hair.

It is best if you get this done by a professional as they will be able to recommend what is best for your hair. For volume, you can use strands that are placed strategically to make the most of it. Or you can use multiple rows of I-Tip extensions if you are interested in adding mermaid lengths. These can last for about three months and it is recommended to reapply these after this duration to prevent matting of hair. This happens when the extensions get too far from the base of hair.

You don’t need to buy new extensions if the extensions you have bought are of high quality. For example if it is premium extensions, you will be able to reapply the same extensions for about a year until you see some visual damage. This process of applying extensions can take a lot of time and it is very labour intensive. So it can be more expensive to use this method.

You can check a few photos of I-Tip extensions to see if you prefer the appearance of this better and compare quotes from different salons to get an idea of a rough price. These extensions are a great option for enhancing natural hair and getting rid of dullness. It can transform your hair and you will be able to change the length and volume of the hair without resorting to different treatments and products.

I-Tip extensions are cold fusion extensions and they come with less maintenance than U-tip hair extensions that are hot fusion. Heat can damage the hair and therefore, I-Tip extensions are a better method. You can also easily apply them when compared to U-tip extensions as you don’t need to apply heat or glue.

There are also smaller-sized beads called nanobeads you can try. If you want to save some money when it comes to application, you can learn about the procedure and try it at home with I-Tip extensions that are easy to install. Also, detaching these extensions is also easy as you can simply open the bead to remove the strand.