When It Comes to Beer with Pasta, What Type of Beer Goes Best with Your Dish?
Let's see what happens if you don't stick to the traditional Italian cuisine now. And look at some of the more unusual offerings at your typical Sydney Italian restaurant.

Arancini, for example, are rice balls stuffed with meat and cheese. For a change of pace, we'd like to recommend craft beer as an alternative to red wine as a beverage accompaniment. We propose Dogfish Head's Midas Touch, an ancient ale brewed with honey, white Muscat grapes, and saffron, which has a unique flavour profile. Visit Colac pasta for more information.

Bruschetta is another fantastic example of pairing unique Italian cuisine and craft beer. When coupled with the correct beer, this basic starter may be taken to new heights. We recommend a Belgian-style wheat beer, such as Blue Moon or Hoegaarden, for bruschetta. Tomatoes and herbs in most bruschetta preparations go wonderfully with the mild citrous tastes found in these beers.

Cacao e Pepe is a great option if you're searching for a heartier meal to go with your beer. It's easy to cook and pairs well with a wide range of beers, making it a favourite Italian meal. We recommend full-bodied beers that can hold up to a rich meal without dominating it, making them great candidates for figuring out what beer pairs best with pasta recipes like this one.

Then there's the matter of dessert.

Beer and dessert may seem like an odd combo, but we're here to tell you that it's possible! We offer tiramisu, a famous Italian dessert, for a beer-paired dinner. It's preferable to have this coffee treat with a sweet stout or porter, which will help cut through the cream and mascarpone cheese's richness.

When it comes to matching pasta meals with alcoholic beverages, what have we learnt so far?

For matching beer with pasta, there is no single answer that works for everyone. Instead, think of this:

Coors Light or Peroni Strasser are best paired with lighter Italian foods like spaghetti and tortellini, which call for lighter beers. 4 Pines Pacific Brew, a heavier ale, is better suited to pasta meals like lasagne. Craft beers that suit the flavours of a unique Italian cuisine are ideal for combining with it. Bruschetta pairs well with wheat beers from Germany. If you're looking for an Italian stout to go with your tiramisu, look no further.

Whatever type of Italian food you're eating, there's always a great beer to accompany it. Keep in mind what we've provided here the next time someone asks you what beer works best with spaghetti. When dining out at the greatest Italian restaurant in your area, we hope this guide will give you a few new tricks to try. We also hope you'll order a cold one with your pasta! When it comes to pasta with beer, there is something for everyone, so get out there and try a few different combinations until you discover one that works for you!